Children dentistry

Only the best for your child's dental health.

Pediatric dentistry with Dr. Bohmann

Pediatric dentistry is an important area in dentistry. Regular preventive care and examinations protect your children’s dental health. An anxiety-free treatment is very important to us.

We recommend that your children get used to the dentist as early as possible. Children will quickly learn that there is no such thing as a bad dentist and that regular check-ups are not a bad thing at all.

Dentist Marie Claire Goss
is looking forward to the little guests 🙂

The best date for the first visit

Please do not wait for pain!

So that your child does not combine a visit to the dentist with pain, we recommend the first check-up appointment when the first milk teeth come in.

Dental care must be learned

Prevention is always better than cure!

Good dental care is not a matter of course, but should be learned at an early age. Immediately with the first tooth, you should start practicing dental care every day together with your children.

Semiannual control

Subsidized preventive dental care for children.

Semi-annual check-ups are provided for children aged 6 – 18. Here, the focus is primarily on individual prophylaxis. Brushing checks, fluoridation of the teeth, sealing to protect the molars, and examination for tooth and jaw misalignments are the most common measures.

Precautionary program

To keep your child’s teeth healthy we offer a comprehensive preventive program:

  • Advice for parents
  • Preventive checkups
  • Fluoridation of teeth
  • brushing exercises
  • professional teeth cleaning
  • diagnosis of teeth and jaw position