High-quality dental prosthesis at Dr. Bohmann MVZ GmbH in Kaiserslautern

Individual dentures in Kaiserslautern

The need for dentures can be due to various reasons. Therefore, in our practice we offer individual solutions for problems that require replacement of tooth substance. Our goal is to imitate the natural tooth as best as possible. Both the functionality and the appearance of the tooth are taken into account. Deceptively real all-ceramics make the denture undetectable to others around you and fully meet your aesthetic requirements.

Through a personal consultation, we identify with our patients the appropriate dental prosthesis.

Dental crowns in Kaiserslautern

If the tooth structure is damaged, a crown can be modeled to replace part of the tooth above the gum. Dental crowns can be useful both from different materials and in different shapes. At our practice, you can rely on our dentists to provide you with comprehensive advice on the right dental crown.

Dental bridges

A bridge may be advisable, for example, in case of tooth loss. If, for example, a tooth is missing, the neighboring teeth may shift in the direction of the gap and the denture may no longer close. To prevent this, bridges can form a countermeasure. In our practice, you will also receive comprehensive and competent advice on this type of dental prosthesis.

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Inlays in Kaiserslautern

Inlays can be an alternative to traditional dental fillings for tooth decay. Inlays (or inlay fillings) can be used especially in the molar region. As a rule, inlays are characterized by particular longevity. In addition, the ceramic inlays with chameleon effect we use look deceptively real. Your environment will not notice that you are wearing dentures. We will be happy to clarify whether this treatment method is suitable for you in a consultation.

High quality dental prosthesis thanks to our own master dental laboratory

Since dentures have to fit the individual patient, we manufacture the dentures in our own dental laboratory. The colleagues in the laboratory work in a highly professional, precise and passionate manner in order to be able to offer our patients precisely fitting dental restorations. With the help of modern 3D scanners, annoying dental impressions are no longer necessary. Benefit from the advantages of the master dental laboratory in Kaiserslautern.

Dentures Kaiserslautern: Make an appointment

The reasons for a tooth replacement can be manifold. This makes it all the more important for us to find the best individual solution for our patients. In a consultation at eye level, our empathetic dentists take the time to discuss the possible treatment methods with you and determine the appropriate treatment plan. Make an appointment now and get to know our warm practice team.