Periodontitis treatment at Dr. Bohmann MVZ GmbH in Kaiserslautern

What is periodontology?

Periodontology deals with the diseases of the tooth bed. This includes the Gum inflammations thatcaused by dental plaque (bacterial plaque).

In addition to its impact on dental health, periodontal disease can also have a negative impact on cardiovascular health and be associated with respiratory disease. Reason enough to treat a disease at an early stage. Learn more about the treatment in our practice here.

Gentle periodontology in Kaiserslautern

Periodontology refers to the study of the periodontium. The periodontium is the set of structures that hold and support the teeth. This includes, among other things, the gums. Healthy gums are particularly important for the long-term preservation of teeth. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease in the oral cavity. At the beginning, this is not painful and is therefore not immediately noticed by sufferers. The first signs may be bleeding gums or sensitive necks of teeth.

In order to preserve the supporting structures of your teeth in the long term, we take a particularly careful approach to periodontology in our practice. We use gentle Helbo lasers, which very gently remove the bacteria that cause inflammation.

Build-up of gingival pockets with Emdogain in Kaiserslautern, Germany

In our practice, we work with the latest technology. This also applies to periodontitis treatment. Lost supporting tissue around the tooth can be strengthened again through biotechnological reconstruction. For this purpose, we use Emdogain to strengthen and support the tissue of the gingival pockets. Decades of experience are combined with the latest technology to offer our patients the gentlest and most comprehensive solutions to their dental problems.

Periodontitis in Kaiserslautern: Make an appointment

Early treatment is crucial in periodontitis. If you are affected or suspect you may be affected, contact us to schedule an appointment for professional treatment. To date, we can look back on 25,000 satisfied patients who regularly leave our practice with very good feedback and are happy to return. Let us treat you too for periodontitis.