Professional Prophylaxis and teeth cleaning at Dr. Bohmann in Kaiserslautern

Professional prophylaxis and teeth cleaning

Prophylaxis is an important component of dental health. Generally speaking, prophylaxis means prevention. Professional teeth cleaning is an essential part of prophylaxis in the dental field.

In our practice, we use the particularly gentle Airflow/Perioflow technology for teeth cleaning, which makes the treatment very gentle and painless. At the same time, the Airflow process is extremely thorough and makes comprehensive cleaning of the teeth possible.

Our practice staff is sensitive to patients, so that even anxiety patients get through the dental cleaning well. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

Why is professional teeth cleaning so important?

During tooth cleaning, the bacterial biofilm on the teeth is stained and then removed in the next step. By coloring the biofilm, it is made visible where the teeth have not been optimally cleaned by brushing. For the patient, it becomes visible which areas need special attention. This effectively increases the motivation for daily dental hygiene.

Moreover, teeth cleaning can also be combined with the regular check-up appointment. During the dental cleaning in our practice, the patient’s well-being is the top priority. The wellness experience begins in the waiting area, which is equipped with comfortable massage chairs.

Prophylaxis tips for home

Regular AND careful care of your teeth is essential if you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth in the future. The better you do your job, the less often we have to do ours. Here are a few tips for your own prophylaxis at home:

Prophylaxis and teeth cleaning Kaiserslautern: Make an appointment

We recommend that you have prophylaxis and teeth cleaning performed twice a year. Combined with regular check-ups by highly trained dentists, regular dental cleaning appointments provide the best foundation for long-term dental health. If an abnormality is detected, immediate action can be taken. Because in our practice the entire spectrum of dentistry is under one roof. Make an appointment now for wellness prophylaxis at our dental practice in Kaiserslautern.