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dr. bohmann

Medical Director Dr. Peter Bohmann

As the founder of the practice, he will find a solution to any of your concerns with drive and skill. He is passionate about implantology as his main field of activity, in addition to esthetic all-ceramic dentures.

1984 Study of dentistry in Frankfurt am Main
1989 license to practice dentistry
1992 Doctorate in dentistry (Dr. med. dent.)
1993 Start of implantology activity
1994 Foundation of own master laboratory
2000 Relocation of the practice to Abbey Square in Kaiserslautern
2002 Introduction of laser technology,
2004 Award of the activity focus implantology by
BDIZ and Dental Association
2004 Changeover to all-ceramics using CAD/CAM technology
2004 Certification as ” Certified expert in implantology
DGOI” ” Diplomate “of the ICOI
2006 Advanced training seal of the state dental association for
above-average advanced training services
2008 Introduction of 3D diagnostics with Galileos
2011 Opening of the own prophylaxis center
2012 New treatment concept – fixed teeth in one day
2013 Training of dentists in implantology implantation trainer.
2015 BTI Biotechnology Institute award, “Quality Assurance 2015” seal.
2016 Introduction of the Ultra Short – Implant – Technology
2020 Involved in the development of disinfecting gel during the Corona period.
2022 – Recertification as an expert in implantology by DGOI

Advanced training in quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Languages: German, English, French

in Kaiserslautern on jameda

Senior Physician Dr. Andreas Baumeister

A charming, talented and dynamic dentist, he will make your longed-for dream of radiant teeth come true. The sensitivity and precise quality of his treatment are the key to your long-term satisfaction. He meets you with pronounced empathy and takes time for your individual wishes. He explains the jointly developed treatment concept to you in an extremely comprehensible manner, so that no question remains unanswered.

With a great deal of dedication and heart and soul, he handles every one of your concerns as a competent all-rounder. Because of his enthusiasm for the fields of implantology and esthetic dentistry, he has declared these to be his main areas of expertise. He masters particularly demanding treatments, such as the restoration of the entire jaw with implants and fixed teeth in just one day. Also, in close cooperation with our master laboratory, he makes it possible to make the entire row of teeth of your jaw shine with 14 unbelievably aesthetic all-ceramic crowns and that only within 2 appointments! All true to our motto WHITE + SOLID!

He was certified by the German Society for Oral Implantology. His advanced, painless and aesthetically oriented treatment spectrum includes:

  • The all-embracing restoration of the edentulous or weakly toothed upper and lower jaw with implants including fixed teeth in just one day according to our “Fast and Fixed” concept, which has been tried and tested hundreds of times. Gentle thanks to unique PRGF autologous blood therapy.
  • Rapid restoration of all defective teeth of a jaw with 14 all-ceramic crowns within only 2 appointments
  • Precisely 3D planned fixed replacement of missing teeth with reliable implants including gentle bone management
  • All-ceramic fixed dentures with inlays, crowns and bridges of impressively natural aesthetics
  • All-round carefree package including professional aftercare

His regular training, conferences and numerous memberships ensure him extensive knowledge and treatment quality at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. In addition, he has already been awarded the continuing education seal of the State Dental Association four times in a row for above-average continuing education achievements. Most recently, he was appointed senior physician at Dr. Bohmann MVZ GmbH. During his scientific research at the University Hospital Mainz, he wrote his dissertation and several publications on the topic of “Experimental investigations to optimize radiation protection in panoramic tomography”. This knowledge makes him a competent partner when it comes to low-radiation digital X-ray technology.

in Kaiserslautern on jameda
dr Goss

Dentist Marie Claire Goss

Her concern is to accompany you with precision, sensitivity and warm empathy to your dream smile. Dental expertise and detailed consultation form the basis for competent care.

With special empathy, she is your personal contact for aesthetic dentistry in perfection. With passionate verve, she finds the optimal solution for each of your individual concerns.

2013-2018 Study of dentistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and since then PhD.

2017 “Cerec 3D Curriculum”

2018 License to practice dentistry

2018 “Surgical procedure with the CAMLOG® Implant System”.

2018 Participation in the “Implantology Lecture Series

2019 Start of her career as a preparatory assistant in our practice.

2021 Takeover as employed dentist in our practice

2021 Certificate “eCurriculum” Aligner Therapy

Dentist Erich Serfözö

With empathy and verve, he will help you achieve healthy teeth. Providing expert and satisfactory care to his patients is his top priority. He specializes in the fields of conservative dentistry, in particular modern endodontics, and periodontology.

2012 Studied dentistry at the Medical and Pharmaceutical University of Neumarkt am Miresch.

2018 Doctorate in medicine. at the Medical and Pharmaceutical University of Neumarkt am Miresch.

2019: Licensed as a dentist by the government of Upper Bavaria.

2019: Preparatory assistant in endontologically and prosthetically oriented practice in Munich.

2019: Scientific work at the Polyclinic for Dental Preservation and Periodontology Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich, since then PhD.

2022: Implantology certification at the International Training Center for Dental Implantology (IFZI Nuremberg)

2022 Employee dentist at MVZ Dr. Bohmann GmbH

Dentist Tatjana Neumeier

With a trained eye for detail, her focus is on modern tooth preservation and aesthetics.
Here she deals with painless endodontics and periodontology, as well as individual aesthetic reconstruction of one’s own teeth using all-ceramic crowns and inlays.

Her personal mission is to positively impact the quality of life of others through professional expertise and empathy. Thanks to her empathic nature, she always treats patients with great attention and sensitivity.

Through regular scientific training, she ensures that the treatment corresponds to the current state of dental research.

2010-2016 Dentistry Study at the University Düsseldorf

2016 license to practice dentistry

2016-2017 Employed dentist at the University Hospital Düsseldorf / Department of Periodontology

2017-2022 Employee dentist in Neuss

2019-2020 Curricular Advanced Training “Aesthetic Dentistry”.

2022 International Curriculum “Endodontics

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